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Double Entendres are my Forte OR I am Probably one of the Most Blessed People Ever! (291)




I was on a two day roll, alas, moving and packing got in the way of writing.  Oh well.  I’m now back, living in my old room in my mom’s house while I try my hardest to find a roommate or an affordable apartment to live in on my own.  For now though, I’m aware and thankful for the blessing of cheaper rent and a roof over my head in the warmth of a home.  


And something occured to me fairly recently while I was driving – I am so incredibly blessed beyond my own comprehension.  What I mean is, I’m not exactly blessed with having a lot of money or being quite as healthy as I used to be, but I have a job I like working with people I really like and for a great company, I’m about 95% done with VLI (just some leadership projects and mentoring paperwork to fill out), I have family who I love and who loves me, and I literally have the best friends anyone could possibly ask for!  I thought by this time in my life I would be married and have a kid or two and I still would really love to find “the one” but I have so much love from my family and friends and I have so much love for them that I sometimes feel like I could burst!  I have to imagine that God feels that way towards us and has that same reaction when we love Him too.  Maybe that’s why God has blessed me with so many great friends?  I love Him so much and He loves me so much and he knows that I’m not in a relationship right now so he’s just going to keep putting people in my life to love.  Just a thought.


And you know one way I know I have some awesome friends who love me?  Because they helped me move voluntarily!!!!!  Roni, Yvette, Brandi, Josh, and Jason showed up to the condo I was living in and helped me move all my stuff and did it in less than two hours!  I didn’t really think that acts of service was one of my love languages but, I have to tell you, that was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me and made me feel so loved.      After we were done moving me into my mom’s and the storage unit, Brandi and I had Indian food and froyo and enjoyed watching a little tv and chatting with my old roommates. I already miss living a block away from my best friend.  


But today was a pretty great day.  I got a pedicure with my mom and aunt and then went to a surprise party for my friend Taylor.  Her husband (David) planned it because Taylor had never had a surprise party before.  We all got her with silly string as she walked through the door to the house and people played kazoos and we all sang happy birthday to her.  It was priceless.  It was so hard not to say anything to her this week because I was sooooo excited for her to be surprised.  Taylor seemed to enjoy her party and that’s the most important part.  


BUT what was also super awesome and amazing was that a friend was there who I hadn’t seen in a really long time and missed so so much!  It was so good to hang out with her for even a little while.  I didn’t realize how much I missed her until she was there and we were all joking around like we used to and I found myself wishing that she still lived here.  The party also included pin the tail on the donkey, beer, tons of fondue, balloons and games with them, and fun girl talk including what kind of cars we like or used to like and what kind of car would be our ideal car.  Oh, and great conversations and singing and Christmas Carols on Kazoos and presents, of course!  I know the party was for Taylor but it truly felt like a party for everyone because so many of my friends who I love were all there.  To me, they’re my extended family and I wouldn’t be who I am now without their friendships.


After the party, Brandi and I braved the crazy Wally World and I am now home, realizing that I can’t find my wrapping paper and it’s too late to ask my mom to use some of hers.  Oh well.  I’ll have to wrap them tomorrow.  


Speaking of tomorrow, my temporary bed is calling me.  I have to be up and heading to church in just 6 short hours!  Goodnight all who read my blog.  Even though I don’t know and will probably never meet you, I love you for reading and being a part of my last year as a twentysomething.  And if any of my friends read this (besides Hannah and Brandi – thank you by the way), thank you for being awesome and taking time to read.  I love you guys.


Merry Two Days Before Christmas,



O’ Night Divine! O’ Night! O’ Holy Night! or I Finally Learned Some Christmas Carols (293)


My Christmas tree from 2011 since this year I have no tree. 😦


I’m officially exhausted!  I had a long day at work followed by shopping, essay writing, baking, learning Christmas Carols on my guitar, and packing.  Realistically, one more night and my room will be packed.  I’m so ready for moving to be over.  I’m in the home stretch (pun intended).  Other good news, another girl at work (roughly my age) might be looking for a roommate in the next couple of months.  Her job might include some traveling in the future so I’d basically live by myself all week long and have a roommate on the weekends.  Not too bad a deal if you ask me.  I’m not home that much on the weekends anyways.  We’ll see though.  She’s not sure if she wants to have a roommate so I’m going to continue looking for other options in the mean time.


It’s weird going through the things one accumulates over the years.  I have a lot more stuff that I never even look at which makes me wonder why I still have it.  I think I’m going to make myself go through boxes at least once every 9-12 months and get rid of stuff that I don’t care about anymore or even think about nonetheless use.  Yeah, sounds like a good plan.  Someone remind me in 9 months please.  🙂


I’m currently watching Friends.  I have literally seen every episode at minimum 6 times.  The episode right now is the one where Chandler and Joey’s chick is turning into a rooster and it makes Rachel and Monica mad so they play a game of Who Knows Who Best.  Rachel and Monica end up losing the game so, instead of the guys having to get rid of their rooster, Monica and Rachel have to switch apartments with Chandler and Joey.  My favorite part has to be when we discover that Chandler gets his TV Guide mailed to Ms. Chanandeler Bong. Even though I know all of the jokes before they happen, I still crack up when they’re said.  Oh 90’s TV shows, how I love you.


Well, I’m off to sleep now.  Hopefully I can wake up in the morning for my last day of regular work before vacation!!!!  Technically we all have Friday off but I’m working it and possibly Saturday so I don’t have to come in during my vacation.  I am soooo blessed with 2 full weeks off from work to spend some much needed down time with my family and my friends (all of whom have barely seen me in the last 6ish months).  Yup…


Peace, love, and happy holidays,


My Spiritual Formation Final written 2 hours before the deadline (293a)

When I started VLI, I was in a very different place than I am right now.  I had been studying the bible on my own, in women’s bible study, and in a couple of different small groups but was yearning for more.  This yearning came from a place of desperation.  


About two years before starting VLI, I was engaged to be married to a man I thought I loved.  I became a Christian after meeting him but I don’t believe I fully understood what I was getting into.  He taught me how to be a “lukewarm Christian” and what it meant to believe in God but not necessarily be a “follower of Jesus.”  Not knowing it was wrong to have sex with my boyfriend before marriage, I had sex with him.  Not knowing it wouldn’t be pleasing to God to move in together before we were married, I moved 2,500 miles away from my family to live with him.  During our five and a half years together, we rarely went to church and we rarely read our bibles but we did pray together and I prayed on my own.  I believe it was me praying to God and asking for help that God didn’t just give me over completely to my sinful ways.  Praying led me to feeling convicted about having sex and living together before we were married and, after I got laid off from my job, my mom asked me to move back in with her.  God completely paved the way for me by providing me with a new job within a week of moving back and a chance to reflect on what I had been doing.  


I would like to say that I ended up giving my life back over to God at that moment but I can’t.  I ended up ignoring His commands to break up with my fiance for about a year until my fiance hit me and I couldn’t hide from God’s commands any more.  I listened up, broke up with fiance, and when I got home, I fell on the floor crying and I remember telling God that I had nothing else in this life and I needed Him to guide me and tell me what to do.  


God led me, through my best friend, to the Desert Vineyard where everyone accepted me and loved me even though I was terribly flawed.  I started praying more and reading the bible every day.  I read about serving others and God led me to helping out with the homeless ministry and to being discipled by Pastor David Swift.  I was so shocked that, even though I was so flawed and knew so little about the bible and barely was getting to know God, that this pastor would talk to me and teach me and help me help others.  I started attending his young adults small group that would meet every week to discuss real life situations we were faced with and what the bible said about how to deal with them.  In that small group with Pastor David Swift and Pastor Richard Hanley, and in a small bible study with two of my closest friends, God started stirring in me a desire to know even more about Him and His Word.  This led me to applying and attending VLI.


I said I was in a place of desperation because I was desperate to know more; more about God, more about Jesus, more about the Bible, and more about theology.  I remember telling God that I didn’t want to preach but I would love to gain some more intellectual knowledge about Him for my own personal use.  I was in for a huge shock!  I didn’t believe that God would call me to preach or teach, let alone lead worship.  That first quarter of VLI included the Preaching and Teaching Mentoring though and, with the encouragement of my fellow classmates, pastors at the church, and me half listening, God finally broke through to me and showed me that He had given me a gift of being able to teach His Word and lead people in worshipping Him, and I shouldn’t doubt that or let it go to waste.  Even now, after teaching and leading worship consistently for over a year, it still moves me to tears thinking about how insecure and self conscious I was before VLI and how scared I was to open my mouth and teach others what I know!  Now I readily accept opportunities to study God’s Word and teach others what God has revealed to me through prayer and study.  


Also, if you had heard me play guitar and sing a year ago, you would not believe I am the same person.  God has used an amazing and talented worship leader, January Squires, to help guide me and mentor me into a worship leader.  Even though I had some talent, I was so afraid that everyone would judge me if I sang off key or couldn’t play the correct strumming pattern, I didn’t want to play guitar in front of anyone other than my best friend who I knew would say I did well no matter what.  January heard me before playing during one of our lunch breaks on a weekend intensive and took me under her wing and helped me learn chords and encouraged me to keep practicing and practicing and practicing.  I practiced at home and in my small group by leading worship and, after about 6 months, I started leading worship for Acton Rehab.  


Throughout my journey with both preaching/teaching and leading worship, God revealed something to me.  He told me to “own it!”  He showed me that I was letting my insecurities get the best of me and hinder me from serving Him in the way that He designed me to serve Him and that I couldn’t do that any more.  I had to own the fact that I am a teacher and a worship leader.  I needed to own the fact that I was His daughter and I was made just the way He wanted me to be made and that my past was in the past and has helped shape who I am today.  I don’t remember the exact date when I finally realized I owned it but I remember that it was after leading worship for the small group during my two months leading the study in the small group when I took ownership and surrendered my insecurities to God.  From that moment forward, fear has not prevented me from preaching, teaching, or leading worship.  


That’s not to say I haven’t had my moments when I’ve felt inadequate or not fully up to the challenge but I’ve come to recognize that those are the times when I haven’t been spending much time talking to God, or reading the Bible, or having heart to heart conversations with my accountability partner.  While I started attending VLI with a strong relationship with God, it started to deteriorate a little when I got caught up in the studying for exams aspect of VLI.  I started trying to cram all this knowledge in my head and lost sight of why I was attending VLI in the first place; for growth and to know God and His Word better.  


Then VLI introduced the Spiritual Formation plan and we had a quarter that we learned about spiritual disciplines and it helped me focus again.  I started taking more walks to make sure I’d have time alone with God and found that I really enjoyed the practice of Lectio Divina.  Meditating on God’s creation and His Word in new ways, as well as talking to Him on our walks, helped build a stronger relationship between God and me.  Playing worship by myself just for the sake of worshipping God and not leading others has also helped me remain joyful and in love with God which, in turn, made me enjoy and be able to worship God better while leading others in worship.  


After these two years of being in VLI, I feel so much more confident, less insecure, definitely smarter, and definitely closer to God.  I feel as if I know Him better because I have a better understanding of His character and a deeper connection than I had before starting VLI.  I’ve been broken down and built up for His Glory a few times and He has made me so much stronger than before.  This awareness of who I am – His beloved daughter – and who has made me to be pushes away my insecurities and my flaws to help me teach his people and lead them in worship.  I still mess up and have times when I ignore Him (or try to at least) but it’s easier now to listen and follow his lead and to get back up when I mess up.  God has given me a place within the Church and VLI, through the curriculum, the mentoring, and the spiritual formation plan, has helped me gain the courage and the resources to carry out whatever plan God has for me presently and in the future.

Christmas Sweatz Video (294.1)

You seriously won’t be able to get this song out of your head once you listen to it once. Enjoy

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful, but My Heated Blanket is Sooooo Delightful! (294)




The weather has been generally frightful lately.  It’s been cold and windy and annoying.  But there have been a few random days that have brought some rain so that was nice.  The rain always makes me think of being in Belfast and the amazing people I met there and hope to always remain friends with.  Two in particular, although I think our bond was truly forged when they came to America and we got to spend a summer/fall together.  John and Hannah will always be my favorite inhabitants of the UK (I say UK since they now both live outside of Belfast).  


I have seriously neglected this blog and, trust me, it has haunted me daily.  I’ve been so tired/busy/stressed/happy/confused/worn down that I haven’t had time.  Every time I thought of taking a moment to write, I would fall asleep.  Exciting huh?  I’m going to try to make a better effort now though, especially since I’ll be going on vacation soon.


Here’s a recap of stuff that’s happened:

  • Saw Ives the Band again (Yippee!!!) and got to talking to them after the show.  They gave Brandi, Crystal, and me free tee shirts and thanked us for being so supportive.  There’s a slight possibility that they also might come play at my church in the future but that’s not something I can really talk about yet.
  • Got into a slight fender bender but the guy never called me back and never contacted my insurance so I’m guessing I’ll never hear about it again.  Whatevs.  It wasn’t in my car (I was driving Brandi’s) so that complicated things a bit.  Everyone was fine.  I was going 5 mph when it happened.  Stupid L.A.
  • I’ve been working at my job now for almost 2 months and I still love the people and the company.  I’m beginning to know a bit of what we do and things are starting to make more sense.  I still feel lost at times but I’m now able to ask more intelligent questions to help me understand a bit more.  That’s really what I need to do my job well – understanding of the total process.  Hopefully things will get even easier and I’ll have even more clarity over the next 6 weeks.
  • I’m moving out of my condo and into my mom’s house temporarily.  Sigh… I just didn’t have enough time to find a roommate and all the one bedroom apartments in non-life-threatening areas are too much for me to afford right now.  Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll get some good raises in the next couple of months?  Or, more likely, maybe one of my friends or someone I know and like will want to rent an apartment with me.  Hopefully.  Otherwise, at this point, I might just end up being super poor and getting a one bedroom of my own.
  • I finished my weekly classes of VLI.  I’ve now just got two finals and some papers to write.  Yay!  I’ll probably end up getting my certificate in March after winter 2012 quarter is over.  I think next year I’m going to try and take classes to finish up my bachelors in English. We’ll see.

That’s about all that’s been going on.  I’ve been way too busy with ministry and studying and packing to really have a lot of fun.  My friend Crystal is back from Australia until the end of January so I plan on spending a lot of time with her.  Luckily, my company is pretty much shut down from 12/21/12 – 1/2/13 and my boss is letting me take time off through the 7th so I get a full two weeks off with no work!  Yay!  There will definitely be ice skating and movies and crocheting and reading and playing guitar involved.  


I’m going to Las Vegas for Christmas with my mom.  We’re meeting my brother there – he’s flying in from Montana for a few days.  I’m looking forward to hanging out with them.  I love my brother and love spending time with him.  We rarely get to see each other so it’s nice that the three of us will get to spend the holiday together.  We’re going to stay at the Mandalay Bay and see Jersey Boys.  That’s about all we have planned for now.  I plan on hitting the gym, relaxing in a bubble bath, reading a book, getting a massage/mani/pedi/facial aka spending too much money in a spa, and hopefully seeing some of the museums I have never seen in all my trips to Vegas.  


Now, since I’m exhausted, I’m going to go to sleep.  I’ve got many, many things to do tomorrow and I’m running on an average of 5 hours of sleep lately.  It’s not enough.  I’m definitely not 22 anymore – regardless of the fact that people tell me I still look 22.  I need my beauty sleep.  


Bon nuit mes amies!




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