New Years 2012/2013 and a Few “Resolutions” if You Wish (279)

New Years Eve was spent at my bff’s house along with a whole bunch of awesome people.  There were games, there were conversations, there was a whole lot of hours of guitar playing, there was a movie and there was a movie marathon after breakfast on New Years Day.  It was awesomesauce/amazeballs/__________.   It was just a really good time.


But now I feel the anniversary of my birth looming ever closer.  It’s creeping it’s way towards me and reminding me in other, subtle ways, that my days are numbered – 279 to be exact (from yesterday since this was really going to be yesterday’s blog). 


But the great thing about a new year is that it is fresh with possibilities.  There is the possibility that this will be the year that I find or discover the man I might marry one day (please let this be the case because I sure am ready now!).  This year brings a whole bunch of possibilities to lead worship and get better at guitar playing.  Maybe I will finally start finishing my bachelors since I’m pretty much one with VLI.  I will be moving in a few months and maybe this will be the time when I get my own place instead of living with roommates (it would take a miracle/divine intervention).  Possibly…the trip to Oregon/Washington will be one of the best experiences of my life.  Who knows?  


I know that I am in a really good place emotionally and I’m ready to start a new chapter.  I’m probably never going to ready to give up my youth though and I accept that.  I never want to lose the silly side of myself that tries her best to not take herself too seriously.  I want to retain my perspective that if I can make people feel even one little iota of how loved I feel by God and friends, then the day will have been a good one.  I want to keep making people laugh but I want to be able to take sarcasm and joking as well as I can dish it.  I want to love more and love better and hopefully be loved in return.  I know God’s love is the most important and I realize all love originates from Him but I honestly don’t think God would have put other people on this earth if He didn’t intend for us to also want to love them and be loved by them.  I don’t want to lose my spontaneity or my passion for anything I’m passionate about.  I want to recognize when I’m wrong faster and apologize as soon as possible, as often as possible, and strive to not hurt others.  I just want to be better all around and continue to grow into the best person I can be…even if that person is a few years older than I care to admit to.  


Behold!  Photos from the party and the day after:



About Jenn

I am a book lover, a concert goer/lover of music, a singer, a musician, a lover of the beach and nature, an okay friend, a follower of Christ, and a twenty-something...for now.

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