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My Bestie’s Niece is Going to be a Hair Stylist

My best friend’s niece is awesome. Well, all three of her sister’s kids are awesome but this one in particular. She was the first baby I ever held (when she was 1) and she took one look at me and started screaming for her mom. It traumatized me a bit. Now, she loves me and she’s one of my favorite people on the planet.

A little back story, in case you don’t know already; Brandi is my best friend and her family is pretty much my adopted family. They’ve been there for me since forever and I love all of them to pieces. If anything, God forbid, ever happens to my mom, I’m fortunate enough to have them in my life and know they will be there for me. So, her nieces are almost like my nieces and, since I don’t have kids of my own, they’re kinda the most amazing kids on the planet.

Her middle niece and her oldest niece both love playing with my hair but her middle niece is always the one to start with the “Jenn, let me brush your hair” and then proceeds to pretend to cut it or will put it up. Sometimes she will pretend to put makeup on me. She almost always asks me why I don’t grow my hair long (believe me, I wish I could make it a foot longer right now!). I always let them do it because it seems to bring them so much joy that I can’t see denying them that fun especially when it doesn’t hurt me.

She asks a million questions and cracks me up! Last night she was eating chips and asking questions when Brandi asked her why she is eating chips. Instead of answering, she just takes a bite of her chip and throws the other half back in the bowl and then runs away. It was so hilarious! I don’t know if she realizes just how funny she is but she is always doing something cute or funny to make me laugh. She has told me before that she wants a lip piercing like me and her aunt (my bestie) so I can totally tell that she’d be one of my friends if she were older. She’s just way too awesome for a little kid.

Same with her oldest niece. She’s like a mini teenager already. She crazy and silly and super fun to hang out with. She’s only six but she’s got an amazing talent for dancing and entertaining. She stayed up last night with us watching So You Think You Can Dance and outlasted her mom and her grandma and her younger sister. I didn’t see much of her when she was a baby but it’s been so cool to see her grow up from a toddler into this little kid/person with all these thoughts and a cute, quirky personality!

Her youngest niece is still a baby – she just turned one year old a few months ago – and I had the awesome privilege of getting to hold her when she was only a couple of hours old. She was so tiny and precious and she gripped my finger and almost made me weep because she was so tiny and awesome. She too went through her phase where she didn’t like me (at least I feel like she didn’t) but now she’s starting to not just stare at me like I’m an alien. She actually let me pick her up and she didn’t scream or cry! It was a mini miracle. Haha. I love her to pieces though. It’s so cool to have held her when she was new to the world and it blows my mind every time I see her walking around and hear her talking. I’m sure it’s worse for parents but I feel like they’re growing up too fast! They need to stay my little friends forever!

I felt bad for a while after I broke up with my ex fiancĂ© because I lost my chance to have kids. Time has taught me that it wasn’t right for me to be with him and I wouldn’t have been happy and it wouldn’t have been good to bring kids into our relationship but I still have a desire to be a mom at some point in my life. When I was feeling my worst about it, I was doing a women’s bible study by Beth Moore and she talked about how God doesn’t always give us exactly what we want but He will always provide and, one way He does this is with kids. She said that she knew a woman who couldn’t have kids of her own but she was able to work in children’s ministry in her church and she got to be a part of those kid’s lives every week and it was like a replacement for having kids of her own.

I’m aware that it’s not the same thing at all; a mom has a lot more responsibility than a babysitter would have. However, I kind of get what she means. God knew that it wasn’t and still isn’t the right time for me to have my own kids so He gave me this awesome opportunity to have a friendship with my best friend’s nieces. I get to have fun playing and hanging out with them and buying them cool things without the responsibility of raising them. I get the joy that comes from knowing a little person and watching them grow and seeing them develop a personality! Even though they’re not related to me by blood, I feel like they’re a part of my family and would do anything to protect them. They’re literally some of the coolest people I know and some of my favorite people on the planet. Im blessed to know them and blessed to have their family as part of my adopted family.



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