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O’ Night Divine! O’ Night! O’ Holy Night! or I Finally Learned Some Christmas Carols (293)


My Christmas tree from 2011 since this year I have no tree. ūüė¶


I’m officially exhausted! ¬†I had a long day at work followed by shopping, essay writing, baking, learning Christmas Carols on my guitar, and packing. ¬†Realistically, one more night and my room will be packed. ¬†I’m so ready for moving to be over. ¬†I’m in the home stretch (pun intended). ¬†Other good news, another girl at work (roughly my age) might be looking for a roommate in the next couple of months. ¬†Her job might include some traveling in the future so I’d basically live by myself all week long and have a roommate on the weekends. ¬†Not too bad a deal if you ask me. ¬†I’m not home that much on the weekends anyways. ¬†We’ll see though. ¬†She’s not sure if she wants to have a roommate so I’m going to continue looking for other options in the mean time.


It’s weird going through the things one accumulates over the years. ¬†I have a lot more stuff that I never even look at which makes me wonder why I still have it. ¬†I think I’m going to make myself go through boxes at least once every 9-12 months and get rid of stuff that I don’t care about anymore or even think about nonetheless use. ¬†Yeah, sounds like a good plan. ¬†Someone remind me in 9 months please. ¬†ūüôā


I’m currently watching Friends. ¬†I have¬†literally¬†seen every episode at minimum 6 times. ¬†The episode right now is the one where Chandler and Joey’s chick is turning into a rooster and it makes Rachel and Monica mad so they play a game of Who Knows Who Best. ¬†Rachel and Monica end up losing the game so, instead of the guys having to get rid of their rooster, Monica and Rachel have to switch apartments with Chandler and Joey. ¬†My favorite part has to be when we discover that Chandler gets his TV Guide mailed to Ms. Chanandeler Bong.¬†Even though I¬†know all of the jokes before they happen, I still crack up when they’re said. ¬†Oh 90’s TV shows, how I love you.


Well, I’m off to sleep now. ¬†Hopefully I can wake up in the morning for my last day of regular work before vacation!!!! ¬†Technically we all have Friday off but I’m working it and possibly Saturday so I don’t have to come in during my vacation. ¬†I am soooo blessed with 2 full weeks off from work to spend some much needed down time with my family and my friends (all of whom have barely seen me in the last 6ish months). ¬†Yup…


Peace, love, and happy holidays,


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