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If there’s a rocket tie me to it / Delena is the hottest fictional couple ever! (355)

Vampire Diaries Thursdays are one of my favorite days of the week.  It’s so much fun to watch the show with friends and root for Damon and Elena to get together finally and for for-ev-er! The sooner everyone gets on board the Damon and Elena train, the better.

Watching TVD was the highlight of my Thursday. Nothing monumental or super exciting happened today. I caught up on a few shows and watched some TV. I played guitar. I ate dinner.  I took a nap. Seriously, nothing exciting at all.  Work was good though. It went by really quickly which is always something I appreciate. I think it has something to do with it being Thursday. Tomorrow will probably go really slowly, especially since Saturday is Snow Patrol day!!! Yay!!!! I can’t even express how excited I am to see them again. It’s going to be awesome!


Snow Patrol!!!!

There’s something that’s bothered me for quite a few years and has recently come to my attention again. Why do guys find it so funny to pretend to be gay or to do quasi-homosexual things? Why is it considered so funny for two hetero guys to act like that but when girls do it, other women just think they’re stupid and guys think they’re hot? It just doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe it’s because I’m not the type of girl to do that? It’s not even a “christian” thing, it’s just who I am. Is that just a way for guys to be physically close to one another without other people legitimately wondering if they’re gay? Or is it really just the way guys think and what they find funny? Hopefully I’ll one day find an answer…

I’m thinking about starting a blog about all the books I read for school and for fun. Not necessarily for the benefit of other people so much as for my benefit to keep them all straight. I can literally read a fiction book in a few hours.  If it’s anywhere around 200-250 pages, it’ll probably only take me 3 to 4 hours to finish it. The only probably with being a fast reader is that I don’t always retain every detail of the story. Hence, the reason I am thinking of starting a blog about the books I read. I would also like to have a book club when I’m done with VLI so I can read books with my friends and discuss them. Anyone want to join me?

I must be going to sleep now aka read until I pass out from exhaustion. Insomnia and other external factors really suck. Peace and GO TEAM DAMON!!!!!!



Today was a good day, I didn’t even have to use my A.K. (362)

Today was interview day. It went really well and I really really really want the job. Hopefully I’ll pass any background checks they have to do and any more interviews I might have to go to. At the very least, it was a good experience and I found out that being a payroll assistant actually sounds like fun. Crazy, huh?

After my interview I hung out with one of my friends that works there, Jason, and we chatted for around an hour. It was good to catch up. We haven’t gotten a chance to hang out in 5 weeks or so.

Here’s the crazy part. I have a lip piercing. Last night I asked the piercer how long I could keep a lip ring out without it closing up and she said it would be fine up to one week.  I thought “Sweet! I’ll just keep the lip ring out during the interview and put it back in when I’m done!” A mere three hours later I tried to put it back in but it wouldn’t go in. I drove home and figured out it had closed up inside. 😦 Not wanting to give up on my favorite piercing, I re-pierced my lip by myself. Oh yes, I am that awesome. Lol. It doesn’t hurt anymore but ky lip is swollen.  It didn’t bleed when I pierced it but it did hurt a lot. Hopefully if I get the job they’ll allow me to have my lip ring in.

I just got done watching episode one of the new season of The Vampire Diaries. It was amazeballs! (Inside joke. I watch MTV to stay current with what college students and teens are into for ministry and I watched a show where a character kept saying amazeballs and that’s now what immediately pops in my kind when I think of amazing.) The only thing about the episode I didn’t like was that Elena is still delusional and chose Stephan.  When, oh when, will she learn she is supposed to be with Damon?! I’ll just have to remain patient I suppose. I love watching tv with friends. Deja and Tijera joined Brandi and me to watch the episode and it was lots of fun having them with us. 

Anyways it’s now time to watch Once Upon a Time with Brandi before I go home and sleep peacefully in my bed. Zzzzz Zzzzz. Here’s a photo of my re-pierced lip.  Goodnight y’all!


My re-pierced lip

Can work out pants pose as work pants? (363)


I went shopping this afternoon after work for some affordable and nice black work pants but the only ones I found that didn’t make me look like an old woman are ones that highly resemble my black work out plants. The photo above is the only one I have of myself in said work out pants. I ended up buying a pair of regular work pants that stretchy and skinny cut and a pair of work out pants that are fitted and slightly boot cut at the bottom.


So tomorrow before I leave for my interview I’ll try on both pairs and then figure out which looks best.

I had a moment today where I had to choose between living life to the absolute insane fullness or being responsible and I chose responsibility.  I got invited to a concert tonight (free to me since my friend offered to buy the ticket) and I really wanted to go. Alas, I chose to be responsible and sleep since I have an interview tomorrow. Poor friend. I feel bad for not even asking if he had anyone else to go with.

I also had a slightly less responsible moment…sorta. I wasn’t able to take my lip piercing out so I went to my piercer and had her remove it. Then I bought a cute new blue stud. 🙂 She also told me I can simply keep the lip ring out for the whole interview because it can technically be out for a week without closing now that I’ve had the piercing for 7 months.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have good news to share and hopefully I’ll have a new job soonish. Its a long shot but I would really like to get it. I think the only drawback would be having to wake up super early. I’ve really been enjoying going to work at 9am. Lol.

Off to bed.  Wish me luck! And don’t forget to watch The Vampire Diaries tomorrow! Yay..


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