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You’re as Subtle as a Brick on the Small of My Back/ Breaking Dawn Part Two was awesome (326)

I’m beginning to think it might be a wee bit too lofty to assume I’ll be able to write every day so let’s all just be thankful I can find time to write at all.  The problem is, I get all these thoughts that I’d like to write down all at the wrong times! For example, at work, on the way to work, while cooking dinner, while studying, while reading, while driving, etc. When I finally get home at night and get a chance to write it all down, I’m so tired I can’t do anything more than lay down and go to sleep or numb my mind with a movie. In fact…

Sleep has been my extra curricular activity lately. Tuesday night I went to bed at 9:30pm and Wednesday I was asleep by 8:30pm. It kind of made me feel super old and boring to be honest. But at least I wasn’t super tired at work the following mornings. 

Then I kind of undid all my good deeds from sleeping so much by seeing the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn Part Two.  It was worth it though. It was a really good movie! It was also a great way to end the franchise. There’s a twist at the end of the movie that had me really pissed off while watching it but all was okay by the end of the movie.  I can see why the screen play writer wrote it like that.  I think it was a really good compliment to the book, especially since the book went in detail about peoples powers and we get to really experience Alice’s power in that scene and get a glimpse into how it must feel to live in her world. I don’t have any complaints about the movie except maybe baby Renesmee. That baby is super creepy. Okay and my second complaint would be getting more of the background of them hunting for an answer to how long Renesmee would live and getting to see more of Charlie. It was a bittersweet ending though.  I love the movies and the books so much that it’s hard to be happy that the past movie came out.  It’s the end of an era…albeit a good one. 

I thought it was fitting that the director chose to show all the main characters from all the movies in the end before the credits ran. Because really, no movie/book was a standalone. You needed to read them all and watch them all to get the full story and get closure.  This one might end up being my favorite of all the movies.  Possibly… I’ll make my decision I suppose after I see the other movies again and watch this one like 4 more times.  😉

I’ve been in a wrestling match with my emotions lately. While I like my job and the ministries I’m involved in, I’m not happy with other areas of my life and it’s making me kind of depressed which makes me more tired and not wanting to go out to see people and not want to be involved in life in general. If you’re reading this and know me personally, you might be shocked, idunno.  I’m not really sure what to do about what’s going on with me.  It’s not as if there’s a switch to turn off how I feel unless I started taking drugs and that’s not going to happen.  I know that drugs and alcohol don’t solve anything, they just hide the problem until you can no longer run from it or you end up dying.  I know I can pray about it, and I have been, it’s just not helping me right now. They’re all subtle feelings too that end up compounding into something much larger and more painful. I don’t even have a positive way to end this paragraph.  It’s interesting to think back on life when I’m feeling happy and when I’m feeling depressed and see how the picture changes.  When depressed, the past seems like I’ve been mostly sad and depressed and unhappy most of my life.  When I’m happy, it seems like I’ve just been hit with hard times here and there and some sad periods but mostly good and happy times.  Different perspectives are pretty crazy huh? The same life lived, viewed from different lenses, has many different interpretations.



The first five days after the weekend are always the hardest! (331)




You know what’s awesome? I was dreading going to work today because I was so exhausted last week after waking up so early every day.  Today actually wasn’t even bad.  I woke up fairly easily and stayed awake and alert all day long.  Work was actually really good, too.  I had lunch with Joel and Jason came to visit.  My boss and I had visitors throughout the day to break up the monotony of the stuff we were working on.  All in all, it was a really good work day.  


After work, however, was really tough!!!  I had my 3rd to last weekday class of VLI and it was hard to stay awake during it.  The material is actually really good and we’re learning about my favorite books of the bible (Genesis through Deuteronomy) but it was so cold and I was so tired, I’m not sure how I kept my eyes open the whole time!  I’m only up now because I had to write out my lyrics for Acton worship tomorrow night and e-mail them to get printed.  


We had our first DV College Worship Night with a full band last night.  It was so awesome!  We had Kyle on the harmonica, Bruce on the bass, Lindy, Randy, and me on guitar/vocals, and David on the cajon.  It was so neat to get to play Our God with more than just myself!!!  I am looking forward to more opportunities to play together.  Plus, I had been praying for a bassist and suddenly, out of nowhere almost, God brought us a bassist.  AWESOME!!!!  


There’s a million things I want to write about but right now is not the time.  I need to go to sleep.  Until tomorrow friends…



All you need is love! Ba badadada! (336)

Really?! If so, I’m a wee bit screwed unless the Beatles were including God’s love. Then I guess I’m covered. Seems like everyone I meet nowadays is married or in a relationship and those I meet who aren’t either aren’t interested in me or I’m not interested in them. Sad face. Maybe it’s just because I’m getting old or maybe it’s because I haven’t been in a legit relationship since 2009 but I would really like to find a guy I could fall in love with. I’m not really sure I’m going to meet him in Lancaster. Le sigh…

Today was my first full day of working. I learned a bunch of stuff and really hope that I retain it all. I got super tired around 2:45pm with almost 2 hours left in the day which kinda sucked. I also had a migraine all day tho so that helped make me even more tired. It was a good day tho. Hopefully my boss thinks I’m doing a good job. I’m really trying my hardest to do the best I can.  I guess that’s all I can do.

Went to dinner and shopping with Brandi after work and had fun. Bought a new shirt, some tank tops for under my cardigans, a bra, a pair of teal jeans, a necklace, and 3 rings.  I hate a lot of the fashion out there right now. 80’s ugly clothes really aren’t my style.  I can’t wait till the hippy look is popular again with peasant tops and pretty florals rather than neon ugly crap. I’m so descriptive, I know.  I’m exhausted. Need sleep…

Zzzzz Zzzzz


Tuesday schoosday sleepy time Election Day (337)

Begin hopefully non-offensive political rant now:

Today was election day and, as of right now, it looks like President Obama is going to be President again for another 4 years. No matter who you voted for or whatever your opinion is…I don’t really care anymore and it doesn’t matter. I’m not trying to be mean, I just think we all need to show respect for the President because he’s there for a reason and God has a better plan to use Obama than we did to elect someone new. Mr. President now get another 4 years to turn this country around from the mess it’s currently in and gets to prove to any of us who didn’t vote for him that he was the best choice. Plus, I have to believe he really, truly wants to do the best he can for our country and that he only wants the best for all of us. Our country is made up of fighters and people who persevere! So let’s fight together to make this country what we want it to be, regardless of who is in the oval office!

End political rant, begin other randomness now:

Today was my second day at work at my new job. I had training for the first half of the day and the second half I actually started learning my real job! It was a good day. I felt dumb by the end of the day though when I was so tired and my brain was so mushy that I couldn’t even do simple math in my head.  :-/ Math that I’d normally be able to do. It’s not hard…its like 9 minus 6.22.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better when I have had more sleep.  I had lunch with Jason and Taylor today. It’s super nice to get to spend my lunch break with them. I haven’t had friends to each lunch with at work since I worked for BofA. Thirty minutes is sooooo short though! Seems like you have just enough time to eat fast and hang out for a few minutes. I also got to walk around a lot today. Between the nice guys in my training class and my friends who work for the company, it’s really cool to always see someone you know when you’re walking around. Plus, the majority of people working there seem to be really nice so I’m sure I’ll get to know them relatively quickly. Over all, I really like my new job so far.  🙂

After work I raced down to Acton Rehab to lead worship. It was nice to see the girls and worship was really awesome tonight.  Not my playing of guitar or singing (those were both kinda mediocre) but totally awesome Spirit presence tonight. Then Regina shared my good news about my new job and how God totally provided for me in that area. Unfortunately, in order to get to vote, I had to leave right then so I could make it back to town in time. I felt bad leaving because I love hearing Regina teach! She’s so gifted! But I had to vote. I would have regretted not voting.

So I came back to town, voted, went home, ate dinner, fell asleep on the couch, woke up, responded to FB messages via the Kindle Fire HD (which I still love), and I am now writing this blog while listening to Full House on TV and eating a chocolate chip cookie and drinking a glass of milk. Life certainly is good!

Too bad I still need to study for midterms. That’ll have to wait until tomorrow though because I’m now off to bed for some much needed sleep.

Good night,



(In case you don’t recognize it, these are the painted ladies in San Francisco, made famous by the TV show Full House. I took this photo when I visited my friend Bethany with my friend John in August 2011.)

The daily blog is back! Sorry for the loooong delay (338)

What a crazy couple of weeks it’s been.  Here’s what I’ve missed writing about:

1. I went to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios with Jason Ingraham, Alex, Kelli, Dustin, and my new friend Jessica.  It was a blast.  There were hardly any zombie children.  The Bill and Ted show was excellent and I got so scared in the Walking Dead Maze that I tried to run out an exit and got held back by one of the workers while my friends told me I was going the wrong way.  Hello fight or flight instinct and kudos to the great job Universal!


2. I slept through Halloween.  Yup!  I was so tired that I fell asleep around 7pm and woke up at 11pm then couldn’t go back to sleep until 2am.  Needless to say, the next day at work was hard.


3.  I had my last day at Premier Valley Properties.  It was really bittersweet.  I was excited to start working at my new job but was sad to leave my co-workers.  I already miss the camaraderie with Pauline and all the hijinks/shenanigans we would get into trying to scare/throw stuff at Gus and Rebecca.  BUT I’ve really wanted to work for this new company for a while based on what all my friends say and the work schedule (9/80).  I’ll miss them but I know this is for the best.  I’ll have benefits and the start of a new career in a new field which could lead to even better things.  Who knows how God is going to use this job?


4. I saw Ives the Band for the 3rd time with Alex and Brandi.  They never cease to amaze me!!!  They’re brilliant musicians and all-around great guys.  I literally couldn’t keep my eyes off Kyle (lead guitarist) this time.  I love watching them play because you can tell how much they enjoy performing.  This time, Kyle was just on fire!  He was such a joy to watch him get into the music and have a great time all while putting on a good show.  I can’t wait to see them again on December 7th!  After they were done with their set, we went outside and got to have a chat.  I talked with Kyle about learning to play lead guitar and he showed me how much bigger his hand was to mine.  LOL.  It’s an inside joke with myself…I just love how I have somehow managed to play guitar even with my short fingers.  He also told me that barre chords are crap which I fully appreciate since I still cannot play them.  I’m still trying though.  I seriously cannot stress enough how great Ives the Band are.  I hope they one day get the recognition they deserve but selfishly I always want them to play small shows and remember me.  😉


5. Today was my first day at work.  I now get up at 5am every day…yay?  I am super tired but really wanted to write this all down.  It was a good first day.  I met a ton of people and filled out a bunch of paperwork but also got to take a tour of everything I was allowed to see and got a free tee shirt.  I know it’s hard but please, try not to be jealous of my free tee-shirt.  LOL.  It’s cool.  It’s pink and it has planes on it.  Tomorrow is day #2 and I think I’m actually going to get to do some real work.  I’m excited.  I like learning new things.


6. I watched my first James Bond movie last week at Jason’s (and Joel’s and Josh’s) house.  Casino Royale was better than I was expecting it to be!  Tomorrow night we’re watching the other one (I can’t remember the name of it right now) in preparation of seeing Skyfall at midnight on Thursday night.  I’m excited.


7.  Midterms suck so look at these photos of the wonderful band called Ives the Band.  Find them on Facebook and like them and send them some love.  They’re rad.  


Love you all and thanks for reading,












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